Chemokines and cancer

Chemokines and cancer

Dissecting the Autocrine and Paracrine Roles of the CCR2-CCL2 Axis in Tumor Survival and Angiogenesis.

2012 Izhak, L., Wildbaum, G., Jung, S., Stein, A., Shaked, Y. & Karin, N. PloS one 7, e28305 (2012).
This manuscript visualizes how bone marrow derived macrophages home to the cancer site and support cancer cells angiogenesis.

Predominant expression of CCL2 at the tumor site of prostate cancer patients directs a selective loss of immunological tolerance to CCL2 that could be amplified in a beneficial manner.

2010 Izhak, L., Wildbaum, G., Weinberg, U., Shaked, Y., Alami, J., Dumont, D., Friedman, B., Stein, A. & Karin, N. J Immunol 184, 1092-1101 (2010).
This manuscript gets into the mechanistic basis of the role of CCL2 in cancer and into a novel regulatory mechanism by which autoantibodies to CCL2 regulates the disease.

A novel recombinant fusion protein encoding a 20-amino acid residue of the third extracellular (E3) domain of CCR2 neutralizes the biological activity of CCL2.

2009 Izhak, L., Wildbaum, G., Zohar, Y., Anunu, R., Klapper, L., Elkeles, A., Seagal, J., Yefenof, E., Ayalon-Soffer, M. & Karin, N. J Immunol 183, 732-739 (2009).
This is the first manuscript showing the role of CCL2 and its role in the regulation of a cancer disease.