Nathan Karin, Ph.D. Professor of Immunology

Position:Full Professor Phone:972-4-8295232 | 972-4-545808004 Fax:972-4-8517797 Email:

Nathan Karin is a world-leading scientist in molecular and cellular immunology, a member of the Rappaport Inst. for Science and major consultant of two companies (one in Israel and the other in Boston, USA) that have been established based on his 18 patents. His major discovery (Nature, 1992) led to the development of the currently leading drug for Multiple Sclerosis. As an independent scientist he won three international highly ranked research prizes and was elected eight times as the Tension’s excellent lecturer. He also holds a visiting Full Professor appointment at Stanford University School of Medicine.

After graduating the Hebrew University Nathan joined the Weizmann Inst. for a Ph.D. thesis (1986-1990) followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University School of Medicine (1990-1995), both in world leading laboratories in immunology and Neuroimmunology focusing on exploring the molecular basis of self- non-self recognition in autoimmune disease, with a particular interest in Multiple Sclerosis. Nathan Karin published more then 50 manuscripts, most in leading and very leading journals (Nature, Science, Immunity, JCI, JEM and others). In many of them his students have been assigned as senior authors.